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Eco Fashion? Think before you buy

Over the last decade or so eco friendly/green/sustainable living has been a pretty hot topic. We know that we are supposed to recycle our cardboard and tin cans, use long life bags at the supermarket and take public transport instead of the car, but what do you know about how your clothing choices impact on the world? Its estimated that… Read more →


Vintage fashion comes back into style!

For us vintage enthusiasts and retro fashionistas getting our hands on something unique, quirky and stylish will never get old. For the rest of the population vintage clothing is something that comes and goes depending on the latest trend reports. Its appears to be on the up again. This week while I was poking about the internet, I came across… Read more →

Where to buy vintage fabric

As you are hopefully already aware, I love to work with recycled and vintage fabrics. I just love getting my hands on great quality vintage fabrics that have survived for years in good condition, but they are not always easy to find, so today I thought I would share some of the places I buy vintage fabrics from! The Vintage… Read more →

This is my sewing area, I've got 4 sewing machines (2 domestic, 1 industrial and 1 vintage mechanical ) and a Janome domestic overlocker.

Take a peek around my studio.

I thought a quick peek at my studio would be a good way to start my regular blog, so here goes. In July last year I moved into Bates Mill on Queens street south in the centre of Huddersfield. Its an old mill building, still owned by the Bates family, who have given it a new lease of life by… Read more →