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Have Yourself an Eco little Christmas Part 3: Decorations

So we’ve sent out our Eco-friendly Christmas cards and put up our lovely ‘Green’ tree, what we need now is some really stunning decorations to finish the look.   Handmade: There are hundreds and hundreds of amazing tutorials available online to help you make your own Christmas ornaments and decorations. Here are a few of my favorites:   Sock Snowman.… Read more →

Accidental Fashion?

While I’m aware that this line in fashion accessories isn’t going to be to every bodies taste (I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it myself!), I have to acknowledge it as a really creative way to ‘up-cycle’. US based designer, Pamela Paquin has created a stylish range of winter accessories, (think hats, muffs, legwarmers etc,) using the fur… Read more →


Giving the gift of experience.

As you can tell, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Christmas lately and how to make it ‘greener’. This morning among all the nonsense about ‘Black Friday’ I came across a nice piece on one of my favorite Green websites, Tree Hugger. The article ‘6 Ways to give experiences instead of things this holiday season’ does just what the title… Read more →


Christmas Sweaters…Eco Friendly Alternatives.

Everywhere I look there seem to be Christmas jumpers. It seems we all need one (at least according to the high street!)Not many years ago they were only worn by sad Uncle Stan, and the rest of us wouldn’t be seen dead in one, but they have apparently become a fashion must have. Now my opinion on this type of… Read more →