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chariry shop

Wardrobe Surgeon guide to charity shops

Old clothes are definitely my thing, and one of my favorite pastimes is wandering around charity shops, picking up amazing secondhand bargains. It really is a thrill when you find a hidden treasure at an amazing price. Now, I am aware that charity shops and second hand aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. There is still a bit of a stigma… Read more →


Eco friendly fashion on Kickstarter

Crowd funding is a fantastic idea to help you get your business or project up and running and there are some fantastic indie projects out there that really deserve to get the cash they need.  I love spending a couple of hours poking about on KickStarter, getting inspired by some of the most innovative and creative ideas, and giving some… Read more →

Fashion Industry

Eco Fashion? Think before you buy

Over the last decade eco-friendly,green, and sustainable living has been a pretty hot topic. We know that we’re supposed to recycle our cardboard and tin cans, use long-life bags at the supermarket and take public transport instead of the car, but what do you know about how your clothing choices impact on the world? It’s estimated that the global clothing… Read more →


Vintage fashion comes back into style!

For us vintage enthusiasts and retro fashionistas getting our hands on something unique, quirky and stylish will never get old. For the rest of the population vintage clothing is something that comes and goes depending on the latest trend reports. Its appears to be on the up again. This week while I was poking about the internet, I came across… Read more →